Nationwide demonstrations – sales force – leasing of in-store staff

Retail House is nationwide and has 500 active, dedicated and engaged communicators all around the country. We visit more than 400 stores every week and meet thousands of shoppers directly in the store, which is the place where the decisions are made. In the Nordic there are over 1 000 communicators that every month visit stores located from Trondheim to Copenhagen.

Through our call center, there is daily contact with the stores. We know what works out there. We can ensure that the communication reaches all the way through, to the in-store staff and finally the shopper.

As our client, you will have the opportunity to see the in-store results immediately. This is made possible through support by our two different web based feedback systems, In-store Control and INEX.

Our staff is recruited through our recruitment manager, who has qualifications for and commitment to work in store, both when permanent employment is relevant and when staff-leasing on specific missions.

In-store event – brand ambassadors

An event in-store with brand ambassadors is a long-term investment, where specifically chosen staff with continuity demonstrates and/or directly sell in their region. This creates loyalty and strong brand awareness.

Demonstrations are the most efficient in-store tools

Demo promotions are used to quickly reach a broad target group within a limited time range. You will be given, in combination with professional POS-material, good visibility in the stores. Nationwide or Nordic – you decide!

Let the sales force book its own demonstrations – with a company you will gain guiding and control

If you let your sales force book its own demonstrations, this could generate a close relationship between store and sales persons.

Skapa en marknadsplats - för ökade shopper-upplevelser och intäkter

Våra centraliserade butiksaktiviteter är en tjänst som primärt vänder sig till dagligvaru- och detaljhandelskedjor.

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Merchandizing – create a 100 % visibility in store

Visibility in store is a crucial weapon in the battle of sales. Merchandizing – brand licensing – is a cost efficient way to ensure that the store will display your material.

Lease your sales force – increase flexibility to lower costs

When the economy is unstable and the need fluctuates over the seasons it is, in many cases, more beneficial to lease a sales force. This means that you increase the control of costs, but above all you increase the flexibility.

Lease in-store staff – increase flexibility and dependability

There are several occasions when it pays off to lease staff. This can for example be when you need to solve special tasks, or at demonstrations and events. It is then more suitable to lease staff than to let the regular staff be in charge of the activity.

Call center – increase efficiency and decrease costs

Retail House Call center reaches your stores in an efficient way, which means decreased costs as well as increased flexibility. Actual sales visits take time and require a lot of money. Therefore, it might sometime be more efficient to hire a call center to try to reach the stores.