Shopper Marketing

- the services you need all under one roof!

As a client at Retail House you will have a bureau that will make sure your strategies becomes reality.

We have therefore gathered the services that we know our clients need to develop towards shopper and store. We offer our services on the entire Nordic market.

When should you hire Retail House?

  • When you want to gain insight on how your shoppers or customers think
  • When you want a lecture on Shopper Marketing
  • When you want help to create a strategy for Shopper and Retail
  • When you want help with in-store POS-communication
  • When you want help to demonstrate your product
  • When you are in need of a sales force
  • When you are in need of in-store staff
  • When you want cost efficient processing of your store
  • All of our services are developed to drive sales and build brands in store.