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Welcome to Retail House!

Today, whether you are a chain store or a brand, you are constantly facing interesting challenges. One of the greatest challenges is how to reach consumers (shoppers) with your messages and ideas and to get the consumers to choose your brand or chain store.

Retail House is a Shopper Marketing bureau with more than ten years of experience in helping brands and retail to reach their shoppers, where the buying decisions are made.

With Retail House, you will have a partner with deep insight in how crucial it is with interaction between brand and retail – you will get a partner who understands the difference between a shopper and a consumer.

Above all, we know which actions give you and your brand significant results. Our four Nordic offices, with more than 1000 communicators out in the field can help you to activate your brand, both locally and throughout the Nordic countries.



Shopper Marketing

Knowledge about Shopper Marketing creates value to your brand.

Retail House is a meeting place, where research meets practice and where our clients share experiences with each other. As a Retail House client you will always be offered solutions based on insights and the latest academic research.
We have a close collaboration with Lund University and Stockholm School of Economics, as well as a large network of researchers connected to us that share their knowledge about the latest research. We also receive the latest news from all of Europe, thanks to our European associates Combera Group. At Retail House knowledge is key and we continuously learn new methods and techniques that will be available to you as a client.


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