Content, strategy and communication

To capture the shopper’s attention and the store’s interest, a long-term strategy is needed as a foundation for all activities that involve shopper and store.

Retail House has great experience in creating strategies, both for large and smaller supplier brands and for FMCG- and retail chains.

Once the strategy is set, it will be easy to create campaigns and communication that deliver results.

Shopper Marketing Plan® – a 7-step program towards In-Store Excellence

Shopper Marketing Plan® is a strategy for how to get your company to win the battle of the shopper and increase ROI on the company’s market activities.

Create POS-communication and campaigns – increase your sales and create value for retail

POS-communication in-store is important to create visibility towards the shopper and the stores staff.

Create sales presentations that bites – increase focus and clarity in your sales presentation

A couple of minutes is the time that the salesman has at his/her disposal when trying to create interest in the product. This applies whether the salesperson is meeting with the department manager in the store or if the key account manager meets with head of purchasing at central level.