Insight, education and network

Efficient Shopper Marketing is based on knowledge and insight and develops your organization. Retail House has gathered a number of services that help your organization to raise the level of knowledge internally and acquire insight on how you win the in-store battle. .

Inspirational lectures – Shopper Marketing

Book an inspirational lecture for your next sales conference or market meeting! Raise the awareness and gain new knowledge

Lecture series – Shopper Marketing

Let your entire company take part in a review of the field of Shopper Marketing!

Sell-Check – digital eye tracking in forty-eight hours

Cost efficient eye tracking including evaluation of your communication. Test the efficiency of your POS-communication before the campaigns roll out in store.

In-store experience – Shopper Science®

Go from gut feeling to straight facts by letting us conduct experiments in-store together with you! A lot of people’s actions are unconscious and automatic. Therefore we have to observe what the shopper actually does and not what he/she says.

Shopper Marketing-networks – for the one who works with Shopper Marketing

For those who want to develop their knowledge and personal network within Shopper Marketing.